The Green Room Gallery

Photograph of the Green Room

Have you visited the Green Room Gallery at the Botanic Garden yet? Find out more in this post from the Curator Kevin Frediani. The commissioning of a new structure that could look out from the garden to capture the views over the River Tay towards Fife, marked a unique opportunity for the University of Dundee…Continue Reading The Green Room Gallery

12 Hour Sit-in Revel: Cooper Gallery at Dundee Botanic Garden

A report in images by Curatorial Assistant Peter Amoore. On 25 June Cooper Gallery held a gathering at University of Dundee’s Botanic Garden around the intention of re-imagining what art education could be, questioning who it currently serves and how ways of learning together could be opened up to more equitable possibilities for knowledge production…Continue Reading 12 Hour Sit-in Revel: Cooper Gallery at Dundee Botanic Garden

Big Back Garden – Memories of Dundee’s Baxter Park showcased in exhibition

Bandstand performances, talent competitions and firework displays are just some of the fond memories of Baxter Park that will feature in a Big Back Garden exhibition. The exhibition, which is part of the Big Back Garden project led by the University Archives, celebrates Dundee’s iconic Baxter Park by looking at what people remember about the…Continue Reading Big Back Garden – Memories of Dundee’s Baxter Park showcased in exhibition

Dundee Women’s Festival Events

Every March, Dundee Women’s Festival takes place with events occurring across the city. This year’s theme “Today’s Women Shape Tomorrow’s World” has sparked enthusiasm with University staff and students who have organised a myriad of events. You can pick to: learn about the new creative corner of campus participate in a panel discussion on a…Continue Reading Dundee Women’s Festival Events

Culture Day celebrates renewal

The University recently hosted its 16th annual Culture Day looking at the theme of Renewal, exploring ideas of rebirth and regeneration. This seemed particularly appropriate as it was the Culture & Arts Committee’s first event since the start of the pandemic. We had nine fantastic speakers and a very welcome live audience. Scroll down to…Continue Reading Culture Day celebrates renewal

The Botanic Garden: #WelcomeWeek

Don’t forget to visit our wonderful Botanic Garden. Here are a few of their recent and current activities to entice you! BeFriends  (and #How It Felt) Since 1981, through volunteers, BeFriends has offered befriending support to children and young people local to Dundee, developing their life skills and improving their well-being. How It Felt has…Continue Reading The Botanic Garden: #WelcomeWeek

Pressed for (all) time

Amy Crawford, MGS Funded Museum Engagement Officer   The herbarium is an often-overlooked part of our museum collections. Housing over 13,000 specimens from Angus to Darjeeling, the room is rather magical. Behind every small door is a collated stack of pressed plant specimens. The herbarium (Latin – hortus siccus – dry garden) is often mistaken…Continue Reading Pressed for (all) time