DJCAD: Life at the Botanics is an intimate selection of working sketches inspired by and created on site during Location Life Drawing at the Botanic Garden, Spring 2022, where the artwork will be on display throughout May. Visit the display Plant Power, at the Botanic Garden from Saturday 14th May, 11am – 4pm, free entrance.

During the recent, Spring semester DJCAD Illustration students were offered a series of life drawing workshops specifically to test drawing the figure in contexts beyond DJCAD’s life rooms. Subsequently, a partnership between the Botanic Gardens and DJCAD staff have enabled the launch of Location Life Drawing with growing voluntary attendance.

Chloe Drummond, mechanical pencil, clutch graphite pencil, A3 sketchbook

Drawing research, learning to observe, sketch, stretch imaginations, create and collaborate amongst the Botanic Garden has flourished, strengthening the students’ wider study. An intimate community of drawers are establishing a resourceful dialogue with the Botanic Garden, which we look forward to developing further. The generous invitation to join Plant Power 2022, to be a part of the Botanic Gardens’ current co-operation and share the students’ working sketches is a welcomed platform. Plus, a snapshot of how the ‘power of plants’ attracts drawing communities. Plant Power promises to be a celebration; with Illustration students, Chloe Drummond and Tess Hadoke showing a partial insight into to how the gardens are being appreciated, used, and providing inspiration for further creative endeavours.

Tess Hadoke, A4 sketchbook, brown chalk pencil, A4 sketchbook

DJCAD: Life at the Botanics at Plant Power 2022 is a display of two students’ working sketches that represents a wider grouping of Location Life Drawing, Spring 2022. Following the invitation for art in the garden this student pair have edited, curated, and produced an intimate display. It has been a pleasure to support all the students involved in Location Life Drawing and witness their thriving drawing practices – more to follow!

Alex Roberts. Lecturer in Drawing, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee.
For further enquiries, inclusive of how to join the Location Life Drawing community, please contact:
Artwork copyright © DJCAD Illustration students, 2022.
With special thanks to DJCAD’s Life Modelling team, the Print Unit, and The Botanic Gardens. Specifically Kevin Frediani, Curator, and Karen Brough, Development Assistant, The Botanic Gardens.

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