Botanic Garden Curator at the tree planting

More than 1200 trees were planted at the end of March, across two locations, as part of the Wee Forest initiative. These are environments that, once established, have the potential to attract hundreds of animal and plant species to otherwise urban areas.

 Children at Robertson Street helping with the planting

Sites at Robertson Street and Douglas Medical Centre are now home to 600 saplings each, with the hope that the woodland will be a haven for outdoor learning and community enrichment.

The project was led by Scottish Government agency NatureScot, supported by the University of Dundee, and aided by NHS Forest’s partnership with The Great Outdoor Gym Company. The spaces will be looked after by local youngsters, with the assistance of a small team of volunteer Forest Guardians, giving them hands-on experience of nurturing nature and learning more about how the natural world can help combat climate change.

 Before planting

The Wee Forests can act as a data collection point for environmental monitoring while also being a community hub for future events and learning opportunities.

 Ready for the trees to grow

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