Rewilding Dundee

The Botanic Gardens would like to encourage you to take part in this simple idea which has a huge impact. They are asking each garden in Dundee to adopt a wildlife friendly approach to maintain their patch, allowing the community to take part in a larger project “Rewild Dundee”. This project was started by @russaveryconsulting…Continue Reading Rewilding Dundee

50 stories for 50 years

As the Dundee Botanic Gardens are turning 50 years old this year, over the course of the year they will be publishing 50 stories for 50 years. They have started posting these on their Facebook page for you to follow along and have already included stories about the journey of botany in Dundee and how…Continue Reading 50 stories for 50 years

Level 3 DJCAD Showcase

Despite the ongoing limitations due to the pandemic, third year students from DJCAD were still able to visit the Botanic Gardens and their inspiration from these visits can be seen in their work. Have a look at the inspired work from the students of the Art, Science and Visual Thinking 2020 module in their showcase:…Continue Reading Level 3 DJCAD Showcase

Botanic Gardens: A ramble through the woodland looking at the Scottish flora

Join botanical horticulturalist Clare Reaney in the following video to have a look around the Scottish Flora garden in the Botanic Gardens at the University of Dundee. This area of the gardens has been developed specifically for wild Scottish flora with 10 different and important Scottish habitats. Find out more in the video below!…Continue Reading Botanic Gardens: A ramble through the woodland looking at the Scottish flora