Clare Reaney, Botanical Horticulturalist takes us on a wonderful tour of the Rhododendrons in her cultural story about Dundee’s Botanic Gardens.

She explains how to get to the Rhododendrons in the Far East of the garden which is roughly a half an hour walk, taking the visitors through five different phytogeographic areas along the journey.

R.leucaspsis, one of the many plants found in the gardens

She explores the origin of the Rhododendrons housed in the gardens, explaining that most are from China and Bhutan, with the earliest planting dating back to 1977. As well as the people who helped to plant and grow these brilliant plants.

She also gives a list of exciting plants to look out for on your visit to the Botanic Gardens:

Early season from March : R.leucaspsis, R. arboreum, R. calophytum,

April and May : R. augustinii , R. wallichii

Late into June : R.rubiginosum R. weyrichii

Anytime : striking foliage , turn the leaves over and admire


To read more about these plants and their collectors, have a look her cultural story here here: Rhododendron s at Dundee Feb 21 (Clare Reaney (Staff))

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