Don’t forget to visit our wonderful Botanic Garden. Here are a few of their recent and current activities to entice you!

BeFriends  (and #How It Felt) Since 1981, through volunteers, BeFriends has offered befriending support to children and young people local to Dundee, developing their life skills and improving their well-being. How It Felt has been providing art workshops for Befriends In the Garden today they were making a film based on the famous 1933 movie King Kong.

New Life Sciences PhD Students and DJCAD Masters (MFA in Arts, Science and Visual Thinking) Students

Run by Hamer Dodds, a DJCAD post-graduate researcher and Paul Harrison artist and MFA programme director, this is part of a new post-graduate induction inviting them to observe and record in the Garden in response to various suggested cues.

Talks from Garden Staff

Neil Paterson Education Officer will be talking to Monifieth Probus Club on “Ropes of Sand”, the amazing story of how plants transport water from roots to leaves over remarkable distances (the tallest living tree is 116 m!).

Kevin Frediani Curator is giving a joint talk with Neil to Abertay Historical Society.  Neil will talk about the origins and history of botanic gardens and the origin and development of the Dundee Botanic Garden up to this year when we celebrate our 50th birthday on October 22nd.  Kevin will talk about the Garden now and its exciting future plans.

50th Anniversary Exhibition

In collaboration with Dundee University Museum Services and  Dundee University Archives we are preparing an exhibition for display in the Tower Foyer from October which will celebrate the past, present and future of the Garden.


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