The Botanic Gardens would like to encourage you to take part in this simple idea which has a huge impact.

They are asking each garden in Dundee to adopt a wildlife friendly approach to maintain their patch, allowing the community to take part in a larger project “Rewild Dundee”.

This project was started by @russaveryconsulting in Farnham, who have got together with their neighbours to make a difference to nature and help prevent biodiversity collapse. This involves making our gardens as nature and wildlife friendly as possible, creating an inviting habitat for bees, butterflies and a whole host of other pollinators as well as other important species.

One window box can make a huge difference! Or why not try out a bee box or a butterfly house.


The Botanic Gardens are asking those who take part to head over to their Facebook page and comment your postcode on their post about this project so they can map the progress.

Here’s a link to their page here:

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