LGBT+ History Month

As February is LGBT+ History Month Dundee University will be celebrating with lectures, talks, movies and an online party with the hope of highlighting how queer history has shaped our cities and buildings. What can you expect? Kicking off the month there will be a live teams lecture  on the 4th of February at 5pm…Continue Reading LGBT+ History Month

Scottish Centre for Global History: New Podcast

Check out the Scottish Centre for Global History’s new podcast series on the British Anti-Apartheid movement. The four-part series uses research workshops and editorial podcasts with the aim of giving a public platform to postgraduate research. This specific series focuses on the growth of the anti-Apartheid movement throughout the 1970s and 1980s with scholars of…Continue Reading Scottish Centre for Global History: New Podcast

Disability History Month 2020

As it is disability history month, the University of Dundee will be holding the inaugural Annual Disability Awareness Lecture on the 3rd of December at 4pm. The lecture is being held in the honour of the late Mr Eddie Small, an active member of the Disabled Staff Network, a historian, playwright, creative writing tutor and…Continue Reading Disability History Month 2020

Dundee Discoveries Map

2020 has created a challenge for those of us involved with engaging with the public. Usually, we host events that involve face-to-face interactions, but this is not currently possible. It has meant we have needed to be creative in order to continue providing the kind of diverse and high-quality events that we are known for…Continue Reading Dundee Discoveries Map

The Crook of Devon Witches

With Halloween fast approaching, Dr Allan Kennedy has written a new post for The Centre of Scottish Culture blog to get us all into the Halloween spirit. In this instalment, he tells the story of the alleged witches’ coven discovered in Crook of Devon in 1662. From the years 1563-1736, around 4,000 Scots, largely women,…Continue Reading The Crook of Devon Witches

The Bandit of Callander

In one of the latest instalments of the Centre for Scottish Culture Blog, Dr Allan Kennedy from the University of Dundee tells the story of the often over looked bandit, Calum Og McGrigor. Who is now known for terrorising the Stirlingshire area throughout the 1660s. McGrigor was native to the Stirlingshire parish of Callander and…Continue Reading The Bandit of Callander

Celebrating Black History Month – Walter and Angeline Kamaba

To celebrate Black History Month, Dr Kenneth Baxter from the University’s Archives Services takes a closer look at the work and lives of Walter and Angeline Kamba, two of the University’s most notable figures to work at the University with a BAME background. The Kambas came to Dundee in 1969 after they were exiled from…Continue Reading Celebrating Black History Month – Walter and Angeline Kamaba