Emese Nagy, M.D., Ph.

A medical doctor and psychologist, interested in foetal, neonatal, and child development.


Yasmin Brown

Masters student in Developmental Psychology, working on the long-term impact of early Adverse Child Experiences.


Zhiying Zhang

Masters student in Developmental Psychology, working on music and early infant development.


Zoi Asimakopoulou (MBPsS), Research Assistant     LinkedIn Profile

I am a First class honors Psychology Graduate from the University of Dundee in Scotland. My final year project investigated a dyadic art therapy group intervention for at-risk low attachment relationships. I was part of an art therapy project and supported mothers and infants at risk for a 12-week period. My project also helped in the validation of an existing observational coding tool specifically designed for evaluating the dyadic interaction. I am currently working as research assistant for Dr. Emese Nagy exploring how children relate to music through drawings.

Amira Oudeh

Amira Oudeh is an alumni of the University, where she graduated with an Upper Second Class degree in Psychology with Honours, and a Masters with Distinction in Developmental Psychology. She is currently studying a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is enjoying being involved in the lullaby project where she is combining her psychological skills with her knowledge in music, which she has enjoyed studying alongside her psychology training.

Katerina Mentzou
I am a postgraduate Psychology student at the University of Dundee, with a great interest in cognitive and developmental Psychology. Being passionate about research, I am currently working under the supervision of Dr Emese Nagy on a project exploring crowd laughs.
Richard Thomson Keith.
I graduated with a Psychology degree with Honours from the University of Dundee in 2019. I’ve worked in the additional needs field for over 13 years and currently work with children with mental health issues for the NHS. I am a keen guitarist and play in band. For my undergraduate dissertation under the tutelage of Dr Nagy I conducted a study that investigated the effects of musical engagement on mood, approach behaviour and positive affect in a heterogenous sample of individuals with various disabilities. All throughout my working career I have utilised music and music technology to ameliorate communication barriers.


Past PhD students

Viola Marx, Ph.D.

Tibor Farkas, Ph.D.


Past Masters Students:

Sheila Baillie (2003-2005)

Robert Wright (2003-2006)

Emma Reid (2008-2009)

Magdalena Andruszko (2010- 2011)

Foteini Lykomitrou (2011-2012)

Vicky Mitchell (2011-2012)

Huriye Korusan (2011-2012)

Tibor Farkas (2012-2013)

Sarah Harper (2012-2013)

Damla Isik (2012-2013)

Louise Prentice (2012-2013)

Sarah Harper (2012-2013)

Victoria Stillwell (2013-2014)

Sarah Main (2013-2014)

Riina Pievilainen. (2014-2015)

Mikaela Charikiopoulou (2014-2015)

Emily Moore (2015-16)

Anais Fernandez (2015-2016)

Megan Holmes (2017-2018)

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