Music & Me

Music and Me: Call for children’s drawings

 Although the main deadline is over, we are still accepting drawings!

How children related to music? Do they like music? How they view the role of music in their lives? Do they think about music?

We are looking for interesting, expressive, age-appropriate children’s drawings that tell us about their relationship with music. The drawings are completely free. Any size or technique can be used. We welcome drawings from every child; not only from those participating in early music education. We particularly welcome drawings from babies and toddlers.

Submission: Please see the detailed instructions as where and how to submit a drawing, in the link below.

The link for submission is here (please copy&paste the link to your browser). This is linked to a background questionnaire that would greatly help us when understanding the drawings.

If you prefer to submit only the drawing and not to fill in the questionnaire, here is the link for submission. Only the child’s gender, age and a title of the drawing would be needed. It all can be in the file-name (for example: boy, 3 years, Musical sunshine).

thank you!



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