Music and Infant Development


Study on Music and Infant Development

Parents of babies: please help us to learn about music and babies by filling in the following questionnaire.

Hello! My name is Zhiying Zhang. I am a student at the University of Dundee in Scotland, studying for my master’s degree in psychology. My supervisor is Dr Emese Nagy from the University of Dundee. To complete my dissertation, I would like to recruit some volunteers to complete the following survey, which includes questions about the milestones your baby has reached and questionnaires to measure the baby’s music, sleep, and daily behaviour.

1.Eligibility Criteria

Caretakers (18 years or above) of babies aged 0-24 months of age.

  1. Privacy Protection

All information provided will be kept continental and anonymous, and no names will be required at any point. The only people who will have access to the data provided will be me and my supervisor Emese Nagy.

  1. Possible Benefits

The benefits of taking part in this study are mainly for society to gain an understanding of how babies are exposed to music in the first 2 years of life, and how music affects their early development.

  1. Payment

The volunteers who participate in the survey do not need to pay, and the researchers do not pay the volunteers.

If you would like to take part, please copy and paste this link:


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