As we all get used to the new way of life during the Coronavirus Crisis, Graeme Stevenson, University of Dundee’s Director of Music, has been playing the 48 preludes and fugue by Bach as a lovely tribute to his grandfather: “As my grandfather got older and his sight started to go, he set himself the challenge of memorising the 48 preludes and fugue by Bach so that even when he completely lost his sight he’d still enjoy playing them at the piano. I think he managed to memorise 13 or so of the preludes and fugues before he couldn’t continue. With this enforced hibernation I thought I would try and post 1 a day in tribute to him”

True to his word, Graeme has been posting a video a day on the UoD Music Facebook page to complete his tribute. Today we are sharing with you his contribution to the tribute from his post on Monday 13th April, but you can find all of the videos Graeme has posted so far on the UoD Music Facebook Page.

“BWV 865 in a. Slightly different approach today – it has been suggested that this fugue was written for a pedal harpsichord so took the opportunity to record the “pedal” part separately.”

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