Next up for #WellTogether week, we are sharing the amazing online art project created and shared online by CollaborACES, which has provided our community with weekly projects to inspire us to get crafty and creative during this difficult time! CollaborACES is a collaborative online creative project between ACES Tayside at the University of Dundee and ACES Edinburgh at the University of Edinburgh.

ACES is a nationally funded initiative based across the four art schools in Scotland. Our job is to encourage, educate and empower senior-phase pupils to consider careers and higher education in art, design and architecture. Our broad programme of events and 1-1 support helps you explore your options, create a competitive application and develop a strong portfolio of work.

Our projects usually take place on campus – but Covid-19 waits for no artist! So we have taken our activities online. Over the course of ten weeks we will offer you weekly creative challenges, online life drawing, artist research and more! Working with ACES staff and our amazing team of tutors, we will create an online community of creative support. Whilst CollaborACES is for registered senior-phase school pupils, we have made our Instagram content publicly accessible for all those wanting to join with our weekly projects for a taster of what we do.

In this post you can see the first of CollaborACES’ Weekly Project video tutorials – our step by step guide to making sketchbooks at home! You can access our other video tutorials which are being posted weekly on our instagram page.

Don’t forget that if you are registered with the ACES project at either the University of Dundee or the University of Edinburgh, you can also access our online community for more digital content including exclusive life drawing classes. Check out our event page for more information and to register!

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