For the finale of #WellTogether week, we would like to share with you this incredibly moving rendition of ‘You Will Be Found’ from the musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ which was created by OpSoc for #WellTogether Week on the #DundeeUniCulture blog. For OpSoc members, continuing to perform and enjoy musical theatre is a way that we can look after our wellbeing during this time and stay connected with others. We would like to thank all members of OpSoc for creating this beautiful rendition for the blog, and demonstrating perfectly how our community are still coming together in this difficult time.

We hope you have enjoyed the amazing variety of #WellTogether content that our staff and students have provided over the course of this week. Remember you can still view all the posts for #WellTogether on the ‘Well Together’ category here on the blog. Whilst we come to the end of #WellTogether week, it is important to reflect on how engaging in cultural activity can be an important part of looking after our mental (and even physical) wellbeing, particularly during difficult times. Though #WellTogether week is coming to an end, the #DundeeUniCulture blog will continue posting and showcasing the cultural activity of our community – so please do keep coming back! Stay safe and keep well.

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