School of Education & Social Work Lecturer Jonathan Brown has started a fantastic University of Dundee Book Club podcast during lockdown for your listening pleasure! The podcast aims to interview staff across the campus about the books that have impacted them on a personal and/or professional level.  It’s been live for just over two weeks now and so far we’ve had 149 downloads from 29 cities (28 in the UK and one in Germany).  The podcast is being hosted on iTunes, Spotify and Buzzsprout and currently has a 5 star review on iTunes.

In this podcast you will have the opportunity to learn about the books that have inspired and influenced the many different and wonderful people that we have here on campus. And hopefully you’ll be able to take away some their ideas, strategies and stories and begin using them to make a difference in your life.

All guests are invited to gift a copy of the book that they are talking about to a listener, writing an inspirational message inside.  The idea is that the lucky winner will then also ‘pay it forward’ by gifting the book to someone else leaving their own inspirational message inside the book, creating a ripple with the various inspirational books from the podcast spreading out through our community. To enter the latest competitions, simply tweet about the podcast tagging Jonathan on Twitter.

You can find the first episode of the podcast ‘Paola Sangster and ‘Fierce Conversations’ by Susan Scott’ embedded below. New episodes will be regularly released every fortnight.

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