DJCAD students often propose to take over exhibition spaces in the DJCAD Matthew and Crawford buildings. The ‘Capture’ photography competition curated by our level two Contemporary Art Student, Katie Nelis, was due to ‘pop up’ in the Matthew Lower Foyer, earlier this year in April. Unfortunately due to the current lock down and closure of DJCAD, Katie and the other exhibitors were unable to show off their work to our staff, students and visiting public in they way they had hoped. By sharing some Capture exhibition submissions with our online community, we hope that the efforts of the students and staff involved will still be appreciated. Thank you Katie Nelis and Ellie Harrison for bringing this collection of student work together for the DJCAD community to enjoy at such a difficult time.

“Capture is an exhibition, organised by the Christian Arts Network, it celebrates the creativeness of DJCAD students through photography. We hope that the theme “light” will give people the opportunity to reflect and respond to its meaning. The exhibition hopes to shine a light over fear and celebrate art in spite of the current circumstances. We appreciate the limitations of working from home and thank everyone so much for submitting a photograph while on lockdown.”
Katie Nelis Level 2, Contemporary Art Practice

We are featuring a few of the images from the exhibition in this post below, but you can view the full exhibition by clicking this link!

‘Headspace’, Digital photograph by Sasha Knudsen. ‘This project is my artistic response to what I went through on a 25 century old meditation practise that I took in the summer of 2019. I try to visually describe the physical and mental effects I experienced through mainly photography and mixed media. More of my work can be seen on @saskjersti on Instagram.’
‘Untitled 2017’, Digital photograph by Kirstin Craig Brown. ‘This photograph is part of a series I titled ‘Thin Places’. I am continually inspired by Blake’s poetry collection, Songs of Innocence and of Experience. I am interested in the threshold between these two states: the point which marks the psychological passage from childhood innocence to adult experience.’
‘My Parents’, 2018, Digital photograph by Beth Radic. ‘Family is the light in my life. My parents 28 year marriage is an inspiration to me everyday. Although, my dad now has life limiting disabilities, their love is as strong as ever. I like to express subjects close to my heart and use my art as an expression of my personal life and feelings.’

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