The Digital Exhibition 2020 of the Dundee Museum of Memory showcases student work on the new interdisciplinary Humanities module Making Memory. For their final assignment, students selected a ‘site of memory’ from Dundee and beyond and created a digital exhibit choosing forms such as a photo-essay, video, podcast, piece of creative writing, or comic strip, etc.

This particular piece from the exhibition ‘Love From, Elie’ comes from student Mollie Stevenson – a video on the Lady’s Tower at Elie in Fife which has been picked up by local businesses and tourist interests.

“The Lady’s Tower in Elie is a monumental piece of architecture that is embedded in the memory of those who come across it. Elie itself is fundamentally a holiday village with visitors from all across the world. I reached out to ask a group of Elie locals/tourists for their memories of the Lady’s Tower I was flooded with family photos and stories, all centered around this hidden gem on the East Coast” – Mollie Stevenson

Watch her contribution to the exhibition in the video below.

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