The University of Dundee Book Club Podcast has just posted its fifth episode! In this podcast you will have the opportunity to learn out about the books and ideas that have inspired and influenced the many different and wonderful people that we have here on campus. You can access the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Buzzsprout.

This is the University of Dundee, welcome to our book club.

In this episode
In this episode Dr Alex Barrable, Lecturer in Education at the School of Education and Social Work, discusses some of the key ideas and themes from the book ‘Last child in the woods’ by Richard Louv. Listen below:

Find Out More: 

  • You can find out more about Alex, including her research interests here
  • Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexiaBarrable
  • Listen to Alex’s TEDTalk here

From the Episode: 

  • You can find Alex’s books ‘Growing up Happy’ and ‘Growing up Wild’ here

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