This week’s Flashback Friday Film Festival offering from the University Archives takes us back to 1976. The occasion is a visit by schoolchildren to the campus and Ninewells and as the camera follows them around we see some familiar and not so familiar sites.

First is a trip to the Medical School in the newly opened Ninewells Hospital. The route, on the old Tayside blue buses, takes in the now demolished St Joseph’s Primary School. Back on campus the children disembark at Hawkhill, then undergoing dramatic changes, and visit the relatively new MSI building to see Biochemistry, followed by the residencies Belmont Hall, the Geddes Quad and Harris Building, Accountancy, and the Dental School. Finally they are seen walking from back of the Tower to Carnelley (Chemistry) and return to the buses and more shots of Hawkhill.

There is no sound with the film so it has been set to music by Steven Gellatly, with many thanks to him,


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