The University of Dundee Book Club Podcast has just posted its seventh episode! In this podcast you will have the opportunity to learn out about the books and ideas that have inspired and influenced the many different and wonderful people that we have here on campus. You can access the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Buzzsprout.

This is the University of Dundee, welcome to our book club.

In this Episode
In this episode Dr Daniel Cook, Senior Lecturer and Head of English in the School of Humanities, discusses some of the key ideas and themes from the book ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley.


Find Out More:

·       You can find out more about Daniel, including his research interests here

·       Follow Daniel (@drdanielcook) and the Dundee Gothic Group (@DundeeGothic) on Twitter

·       The bicentennial “Dundee Edition” of ‘Frankenstein’ is available for FREE here

·       Find out more about Mary Shelley’s life in Dundee here and here

From the Episode:

·       Learn more about ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ by Joseph Campbell here

·       Find out more about Danny Boyle’s adaptation of Frankenstein here

One thought on “The UoD Book Club Podcast, Episode 7: Dr Daniel Cook on ‘Frankenstein’

  1. I’ve just finished reading Frankenstein for the first time, having been inspired by this very interesting podcast.

    I’m now off to hunt down a copy of Mary Shelley’s ‘The Last Man’ (1826), an apocalyptic novel in which she describes a future Earth at the time of the late 21st Century, ravaged by an unknown pandemic which quickly sweeps across the world. Plus ça change!

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