With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing and the new stresses of everyday life, our mental health may have been affected as result. Consequently, the University have set up a series of Well Together events taking place over the span of a week to try and bring us together and take time off from studying with the hopes that they will have a positive effect on student’s mental health.

Starting on the 2nd of November until the 6th of November, there will be online events to help navigate uncertainty during COVID times, online yoga workshops, a DUSA self-care stall outside the Union as well as a free herbal tea available throughout the week.

There will also be an area on Teams  with separate channels to engage people online including a book group, positive message board and a zen zone.

In addition to these events, joining societies related to or unrelated to your degree is a good way to keep busy and meet new people.

A list can be found on the DUSA website:


To learn more about Well Together Week visit the student services website: https://www.dundee.ac.uk/student-services/connected-community/well-together-events/

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