Journey of the Brain: Dundee’s Neurosurgery Heroes explores the development of the human brain from before birth to death and delves into the history of Dundee’s Neurosurgery Department. This small and insightful display can be enjoyed outside the library on level 7 at the School of Medicine, based in Ninewells Hospital.

Even more exciting for the Museum team, however, is that this display was planned, researched and curated by 3rd Year Medical Students, Esther Oyewusi and Amy Ferguson, for their Student Selected Component. SSCs are an important part of medical training aiming to address some of the key, non-academic elements in medical education such as establishing a foundation for lifelong learning, exploring new ways to communicate information and developing an approach to learning based on genuine curiosity of a subject or theme.

Esther and Amy worked closely with the Museum team to establish an understanding of how their interest in neurology could be explored and shared through the collections at the Tayside Medical History Museum.

Watch this video to see their display and hear them share those stories:

Esther and Amy were a brilliant pair and have enthused other Medical Students to select the museum for their SSC choices, too! If you’d like to hear how they got on during the project, the skills they built and challenges they overcame, you can watch their interview below:

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