On February the 10th and 17th, the University of Dundee Museums held workshops at Dundee Science Centre as part of the Dundee Science Festival 2023.

The workshops were based around different aspects of our museum collections. One workshop focused on our Herbarium collection, where children were encouraged to create their own species of flora and mount them on card like ours in the collection.

The second workshop involved creating a new species of animal inspired by our D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum. Our particular favourite was a ‘Spinoceros’ – that’s a cross between a Spider and a Rhinoceros!

The two workshops attracted over 170 people from Dundee and beyond. Thanks to all involved and to Dundee Science Centre for letting us use their wonderful workshop space.

‘Spinoceros’ third left, top row amongst lots of other wonderful creations
The kids were provided with all the materials needed to create their very own museum displays!
Children also viewed our University of Dundee Museum displays in the Science Centre

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