Eid ul Fitr is celebrated to promote brotherhood and togetherness amongst Muslims and in the spirit of togetherness we organised an Eid event in the Global Room to celebrate with our University of Dundee student and staff community. Over the course of the afternoon we had around 70-80 people in attendance.

To start the celebrations off some of our students who are studying for their Masters in Public Health performed two dances for the audience. The dancers were very graceful and talented. You can see both dances on the Global Room Instagram page @uodtheglobalroom 

We also served vegetable samosas, chickpea channa and rice pudding. Mohammed, who is one of our Saudi students visited us and brought along special Saudi coffee and dates for us to try – they were delicious! 

Dr Usha Mani, who co-hosted the event, invited our guests to share what Ramadan and Eid meant to them. Some students spoke about how they feel that Ramadan is a time for reflection, to leave bad feelings in the past and that Eid is a time to feel refreshed. 

In order to encourage more dancing we asked for song recommendations to play and one of our Turkish students showed us a traditional dance. After all the food and dancing our guests took time out to play with some of our board games and do some jigsaws.  

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