It looks like the lunchtime preview event for the ‘Sponta-neous’ pop-up exhibition at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design was a success. Wen Xi Kong, Heidi Le, Daphne March and Ceci Wong, Four students from the International College Dundee (ICD) Art and Design course, with the support of their peers and tutor Robert Page and DJCAD’s Public Engagement Team, had the opportunity to showcase their creativity to the public in the Matthew building lower foyer gallery.

Orange poster
Poster for the SPONTA-NEOUS exhibition in Matthew Building Lower Foyer June 2023

The exhibition featured a diverse range of artistic mediums, including photographs, paintings, comic books, and short movies. The atmosphere at the event was described as energetic and vibrant, with the ICD students and their peers bringing their unique perspectives and talents to the gallery.

Two people chatting
Guests at the preview enjoyed discussions with students involved with the exhibition
Two students sitting in gallery
The deck chair seating in the south facing gallery was popular with attendees who enjoyed a moment to relax in the space while looking through sketchbooks

Although the exhibition ran from Tuesday, June 13th until Friday, June 16th, 2023, if you missed the chance to see it in person, there’s good news. Robert Page, the tutor, captured the atmosphere and took images of the work on display so we can share them with you here.

Artist describing work to person
Artist discusses work in the exhibition with a previous graduate from ICD Art & Design course
 Screen shot from Heidi Le’s short film ‘Just start and make marks’ which featured in the exhibition
 Screen shot from CeCi Wong’s short film ‘The Footsteps of Edinburgh’ which featured in the exhibition
 Screen shot from Wen Xi Kong’s short film’ The Beauty and the Bin’ which featured in the exhibition
 Screenshot from Dafne March’s short film ‘255.5’ which featured in the exhibition

Additionally, there are ongoing discussions with ICD Art and Design students for their next project in the gallery, so if you happen to be passing by Perth Road again soon, be sure to stop by the Matthew Building foyer galleries to see what else pops up in the space over the summer.

 ICD students discuss work at the lunchtime preview for the SPONTA-NEOUS exhibition in Matthew Foyer Gallery

Image credits: Robert Page Text: Tamara Richardson

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