Culture Day celebrates renewal

The University recently hosted its 16th annual Culture Day looking at the theme of Renewal, exploring ideas of rebirth and regeneration. This seemed particularly appropriate as it was the Culture & Arts Committee’s first event since the start of the pandemic. We had nine fantastic speakers and a very welcome live audience. Scroll down to…Continue Reading Culture Day celebrates renewal

The Marvellous Menagerie of Alex Heywood

Alex Heywood studied Animation at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, graduating in 2017. He has since attracted international attention for his unique digital artworks, featuring an extraordinary menagerie of curious yet familiar animals. Each of his illustrations creates an imaginary world teeming with quirky details. This exhibition in the Tower Building features…Continue Reading The Marvellous Menagerie of Alex Heywood

The Global Book

Dr Heather H. Yeung from the School of Humanities is one of the panelists taking part in a roundtable discussion on November 12th on the development of book production and globalisation (sign up details below). The images in this post are all from the University’s amazing archives and special collections taken by PhD student Mhairi…Continue Reading The Global Book

Summer Stories

During the summer Archive Services asked children and young people across Dundee to be inspired by items in their collections. Under 16s were asked to draw or write a story in response one of the images in the poster at the end of this post. We are sharing these two wonderful entries, one a piece…Continue Reading Summer Stories

The Botanic Garden: #WelcomeWeek

Don’t forget to visit our wonderful Botanic Garden. Here are a few of their recent and current activities to entice you! BeFriends  (and #How It Felt) Since 1981, through volunteers, BeFriends has offered befriending support to children and young people local to Dundee, developing their life skills and improving their well-being. How It Felt has…Continue Reading The Botanic Garden: #WelcomeWeek

The Ignorant Art School: Cooper Gallery #WelcomeWeek

The Ignorant Art School: Five Sit-ins towards Creative Emancipation Sit-in #1: Ruth Ewan We Could Have Been Anything That We Wanted to Be and It’s Not Too Late to Change Sit-in Curriculum #1: Autumn Term: 3 September – 23 October 2021 (in-person and online) Exhibition: 3 September – 23 October 2021 Afternoon Preview: 2 September, 3–7pmBook free…Continue Reading The Ignorant Art School: Cooper Gallery #WelcomeWeek