Ellen K Levy: Seeing Through

The ideas and collections of D’Arcy Thompson, the University’s first Professor of Biology, have profoundly influenced many artists and writers who re-interpret natural history. The University of Dundee Museums’ latest exhibition featuring a unique artistic response to D’Arcy’s collection by New York-based artist Ellen K Levy. Levy is a multimedia artist and writer whose work explores…Continue Reading Ellen K Levy: Seeing Through

Five Works from the DJCAD Research Expo 2024 You Can No Longer See

This year’s Preview night of the DJCAD Research Expo included VR demonstrations, performances, and works of innumerable varieties demonstrating the breadth and depth of art thinking that drives creativity in the School of Art & Design. This post by Calum J Rennie attempts to bottle-up some of the events that transpired (and that you can…Continue Reading Five Works from the DJCAD Research Expo 2024 You Can No Longer See


botanical contact-printed artist's book comprising imprint of leaves on fabric

As human beings we are all dependent on the land and the resources it provides. Yet we are increasingly becoming disconnected from the natural world around us and our overexploitation of the land is causing an environmental crisis. The latest exhibition in the Lamb Gallery at the University of Dundee looks at ways in which…Continue Reading Un-Earthed

History in the Making!

It may sound barking mad, but the pooches of Dundee are just one of the sources of inspiration for an artistic celebration of the city’s history. Students at the University of Dundee’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (DJCAD) will deserve a round of a-paws from visitors to this year’s Archive Exhibition project,…Continue Reading History in the Making!

Pentimento: promoting art and creativity as an outlet for trauma

What is Pentimento? Manu Budhathoki DUSA Vice President Community shares a creative project she has been doing to support students’ wellbeing. “Pentimento is a yearlong campaign I started this academic year (2023-2024). The main purpose of the campaign is to promote emotional expression through creative expression. I wanted to tap into people’s interest and potential…Continue Reading Pentimento: promoting art and creativity as an outlet for trauma

Discover CreateSpace!

Ranya Al Ghazi, CreateSpace Student Helper, introduces us to this fantastic facility in the Library. Welcome to CreateSpace, the pulsating core of creativity nestled within our university campus! Here, innovation intertwines with tranquillity, inviting all university staff and students to unleash their limitless creative potential. Beyond being a mere maker space, CreateSpace embodies a lively…Continue Reading Discover CreateSpace!

Ustopias: Utopias, Dystopias And Margaret Atwood

A collaboration between Illustration students and the English Department is on show in the Dundee Central Library. This special exhibition is a follow up to last year’s ‘Blazing Worlds! Science Fiction by Women’. It features artwork from the Michael Kirkham’s Level 2 Illustration students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and is…Continue Reading Ustopias: Utopias, Dystopias And Margaret Atwood

Founders Report

In 2021 the University commissioned a report to investigate early founders and their links with colonialism and slavery. The report focused on the Baxter family who supported the establishment of what was then University College Dundee and made some recommendations for future actions and research. To mark Race Equality week this year we have launched…Continue Reading Founders Report

‘I Am Ready’: The Cottage Family Centre Project

This was a collaborative project between the University of Dundee and the Cottage Family Centre in Kirkcaldy, Fife that brought expectant mothers together to explore their journey of motherhood using creative arts. Facilitated by Shabnam Wasim, (Research and Innovation Services), the project brought Dr Sushila Chowdhry (School of Health Sciences) and Dr Vicky Armstrong (School of…Continue Reading ‘I Am Ready’: The Cottage Family Centre Project