Classic Creepy Crawlies

Amy Crawford, MGS Funded Museum Engagement Officer Looking for some creepy crawlies to get you in the Halloween spirit? You’ve come to the right place. Our D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum has no shortage of strange, creepy and haunting preserved creatures. Here are a few creatures classically associated with Halloween. They get progressively creepier the further…Continue Reading Classic Creepy Crawlies

Elections for new Rector

A call has gone out to all students for nominations for a new Rector for the University of Dundee, find out more here. Rectors represent students’ interests and are a voice for them on University Court. The role of Rector is very important in assisting communication between the University, DUSA and students. Read more to…Continue Reading Elections for new Rector

Summer Stories

During the summer Archive Services asked children and young people across Dundee to be inspired by items in their collections. Under 16s were asked to draw or write a story in response one of the images in the poster at the end of this post. We are sharing these two wonderful entries, one a piece…Continue Reading Summer Stories

The Botanic Garden: #WelcomeWeek

Don’t forget to visit our wonderful Botanic Garden. Here are a few of their recent and current activities to entice you! BeFriends  (and #How It Felt) Since 1981, through volunteers, BeFriends has offered befriending support to children and young people local to Dundee, developing their life skills and improving their well-being. How It Felt has…Continue Reading The Botanic Garden: #WelcomeWeek

Then and now – changing Dundee: the Dalhousie Building #WelcomeWeek

As we welcome new students to the University and current staff and students return to campus Archive Services have delved into the history of the area around the Dalhousie Building. Read on to find out how it has changed. The Dalhousie Building is one of the University’s newer buildings, opened in July 2007 by Her…Continue Reading Then and now – changing Dundee: the Dalhousie Building #WelcomeWeek