Gardening can be a great way to look after both our physical and mental wellbeing, but not everyone is lucky enough to have their own garden during this period of lockdown. That’s why we love this tutorial from Clare Reaney from the Botanic Gardens for #WellTogether week, which demonstrates how you can still get your gardening fix, even without your own garden! This tutorial talks through how you can plant and grow potatoes in bags – so give it a watch, have a go at home, and see what you can harvest during lockdown.

2 thoughts on “#WellTogether: How to Plant Potatoes in Bags: A Tutorial from the Botanic Gardens

  1. Thanks for this Clare. I’ve been trying growing potatoes in a bag for the first time this year (an old mail sack, which is ideal) and have noticed that they have much longer growth than those in the ground. Is that normal or just because the bag is south-facing and my veggie plot is north-facing?

    1. Hi Rebecca , that sounds good – My potatoes out side are also pretty small, your bag in a south facing spot has really favourable conditions especially if you used nice compost for it . As potatoes originate from South America a bit of heat really pushes them on so they will need watering regularly( I m guessing that hessian bag drys out quite fast.) If you are able to take a couple of photos we could show them at our next
      gardening forum !

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