CollaborACES, a collaborative online creative project between ACES (Access to Creative Education in Scotland) at the Universities of Dundee and Edinburgh, has been taking place over the past ten weeks with secondary pupils from across the Tayside area taking part. Many of the pupils came to the programme with no experience in life drawing and had never tried many of the techniques featured in each of the weekly projects but each of them rose to the challenge at every stage. If you missed it, you can read our previous blog post about the weekly projects here.

Now that the ten weeks of projects have come to an end, the hard work of the students is being showcased in an online exhibition via Instagram where they are showing a selection of their work as well as sharing their ideas, development and practice. The exhibition celebrates the work of ten different students who have been participating in the project throughout the ten weeks. You can see the first of the ten posts, from student Lena, below.

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To view the full exhibition, you can head over to the ACES Tayside Instagram, where you can scroll through and explore each of the 10 students posts.

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