Elysia Greenway and Viviana Conti, graduate students from the Forensic Art MSc course at Dundee University, have used special 3D scanners to build up digital versions of skulls discovered during excavations to create lifelike facial reconstructions to reveal what people living in Leith up to seven hundred years ago may have looked like. These will build the foundations for analysing ageing bodies.

Have a look at Dundee University’s news web page to find out more and have a closer look at this fascinating work: https://www.dundee.ac.uk/stories/facial-reconstructions-give-first-look-centuries-old-edinburgh-dwellers?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Int%20Comms%20-%20210331%20Student%20Newsletter&utm_content=Int%20Comms%20-%20210331%20Student%20Newsletter+CID_a89b4f8aa28d9318bd84e9d64530815e&utm_source=campaign%20monitor&utm_term=Read%20more

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