Our amazing staff and students are nearing the end of their challenges to raise money for Parkinson’s research. There is still time to donate so we thought we should remind you of some of the creative things they have been up to. As well as all the brave (or foolhardy) sporting events there are some fantastic cultural activities. There are several ‘drawing a day’ challenges, with participants still going strong after all this time. Here are a few examples with links to their Just Giving pages (sorry not to include everyone, all the fundraisers and challenges can be seen here which is where you can also go to donate):

Iliana Francia-Elliot 

Prosenjit Pal

Prosenjit’s paintings were divided into three sections, for first 10 days he focused on social, racial, mental, and environmental issues, the second 10 days were book covers of his favourite books, and the last 10 days were focused on the different things which make Scotland special.

Sarah Niven

Kerry Drysdale

Visit Kerry’s fundraising page to see how she has embraced the challenge of completing a piece of art every day.

Susan Mains is creating a podcast a day exploring everyday, unexpected and special places, click on the image for link.

And if you are not convinced that this is worthy cause here is our former rector Lorraine Kelly to explain why is it so important to support our world leading research, please donate now!

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