“Calm down, they’re just having lunch”  

University of Dundee Museums partnered with Breast Buddies Dundee for World Breastfeeding Week 2021.  The Museum Engagement team edited images from their Fine Art collections in an effort to catch your eye and share information across social media platforms.

This important campaign isn’t about promoting “breast is best” – there are so many reasons that mothers choose not to breastfeed or indeed are unable to. However, we believe that mothers who choose to breastfeed should be supported, encouraged and protected to do so.

It is a shared responsibility, and University of Dundee Museums pledge to ensure that all breastfeeding families feel welcomed and safe to feed their babies in all of our venues, during any activities and visits to our collections and exhibitions.

You can see the full campaign on Facebook or Twitter 

You can also visit Breast Buddies Dundee for information and support for all families.

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