The University’s School of Business can trace its origins back to 1931 making it 90 years old this year.

Founded by textile magnate George Bonar, the Dundee School of Economics and Commerce was housed in Bonar House, Bell Street which is now part of the High School.

There were several significant figures associated with the School in its early days including staff member Ronald Coase who went on to become one of the most renowned economists of the 20th century and a Nobel prize winner.

 Early staff

The School became part of the then Queen’s College Dundee in 1955, joining subjects such as History to form a School of Social Studies which eventually evolved into the Faculty of Social Sciences and Letters, later the College of Arts and Social Sciences. Today the School of Business is a School on its own, its origins are remembered through the Bonar Chairs of History and of Economics and the Bonar Hall.

Learn more about its origins by watching this film by Kenneth Baxter in Archive Services.

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