Join Kenneth Baxter from the University of Dundee Archive Services to celebrate the centenary of the opening of the Scrymgeour Building and learn a little about the history of the School of Education.

 Lecturers and students at the newly opened Teacher Training College, c 1921


 Proposed new Training College 1914

Read more about this in the Courier at

Trip back in time: 100 years since the opening of Dundee Training College

You can watch a short video on the topic on Archive Services YouTube channel

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Scrymgeour Building!

  1. Fascinating stuff, Kenneth! Who was the Duchess of Athol, though, and why did she open the building? Also, have we any idea which bit of the building Robert W-W and his team occupied? Also, again, as you may know, there was a big fight before Law got into the Scrym, as the Deputy Principal of the day (can’t remember his name) wanted to put the Rep in there. I wrote a piece about it in Contact.

    Keep it up!

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