We were grateful to acquire some of Grace Atkinson’s textile samples for our collection after the 2023 Degree Show.

Grace’s degree show work focussed on creating textiles that were inspired by the various nature spaces found in the city centre. These spaces where we can connect with nature are incredibly important in the urban landscape. The shapes of the textiles themselves were inspired by the urban space –   Grace then incorporated scents and textures into the fabric to evoke memories and playfulness.

Grace says: “I have explored the concept of including scented and/or tactile elements as key design features that trigger a focused sensory interaction to aid and support wellbeing. Embedding fragrance, the textiles become aromatherapy, creating an immersive experience, smell being a powerful tool to evoke memories and feelings that take you out with your present mental state.”

The fabrics are made from various elements such as Lamb’s wool, Merino wool, Lavender, Mohair, Waste yarn, Rosemary, Recycled Wax and Monofilament.

These wonderful fabric samples are a perfect addition to our Sensory Backpack which travels to care homes and community groups. So far, they have been incredibly well received with users loving the combination of scent and texture.

Follow Grace’s work on Instagram by clicking here.

Read more about our Sensory Backpack here.


A selection of the textiles Grace has donated
Grace Atkinson


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