Then and now – changing Dundee: Dundee Royal Infirmary

Another in our occasional series from Archive Services on how Dundee has changed. Dundee Royal Infirmary (DRI) was once one of the UK’s leading teaching hospitals. It had a rich 200 year history before its final closure in 1998, and the old main building, now converted into flats, remains one of Dundee’s most striking works…Continue Reading Then and now – changing Dundee: Dundee Royal Infirmary

Culture Day celebrates renewal

The University recently hosted its 16th annual Culture Day looking at the theme of Renewal, exploring ideas of rebirth and regeneration. This seemed particularly appropriate as it was the Culture & Arts Committee’s first event since the start of the pandemic. We had nine fantastic speakers and a very welcome live audience. Scroll down to…Continue Reading Culture Day celebrates renewal

The Global Book

Dr Heather H. Yeung from the School of Humanities is one of the panelists taking part in a roundtable discussion on November 12th on the development of book production and globalisation (sign up details below). The images in this post are all from the University’s amazing archives and special collections taken by PhD student Mhairi…Continue Reading The Global Book

Remembering the fallen

As it is the month of remembrance Archive Services is sharing the story of Patrick Anderson who died 100 years ago today (2 November). Though dying nearly three years after the armistice, Lt Patrick Wright Anderson’s name can be found on the War Memorials of both University College, Dundee and Dundee Training College.  Pat, as…Continue Reading Remembering the fallen

Elections for new Rector

A call has gone out to all students for nominations for a new Rector for the University of Dundee, find out more here. Rectors represent students’ interests and are a voice for them on University Court. The role of Rector is very important in assisting communication between the University, DUSA and students. Read more to…Continue Reading Elections for new Rector