The vision of IJELT is to be recognised as the leading interdisciplinary journal for educational and life transitions research, with contributions from academics, practitioners and policy makers from around the world.


  • Promote educational and life transitions research internationally
  • Promote interdisciplinarity in educational and life transitions research
  • Enhance the quality and rigour of educational and life transitions research
  • Publish research that will inform (and improve) policy and practice
  • Engage academic researchers, policy makers and practitioners
  • Involve researchers at different stages in their career
  • Make research freely available through Open Access
  • Create a more inclusive publishing platform so that researchers are not restricted by APC costs
  • Provide platform for different styles of articles

The Journal is interdisciplinary in approach, and publishes research studies (theoretical, conceptual, methodological and empirical), policy reviews, literature reviews, and multi-media and creative outputs. Multi-media can also be embedded in the articles.

Research involving more than one discipline, sector (e.g., academic and practitioner) and/or nation are particularly encouraged.

Some examples of multiple and multi-dimensional educational and life transitions include, but are not limited to transitions:

  • to and through primary school
  • to adulthood of disabled children and young people
  • of international families
  • from paediatric to adult services
  • from hospital to community
  • of LGBTQ+ young adults to and through employment
  • of families who have experienced bereavement
  • to parenthood of mothers with preterm babies
  • of older adults towards age-friendly cities and communities

The focus within these transitions could, for example, be on educational, social, cultural and/or psychological adaptation in multiple contexts such as home, school, workplace and/or community.