Join Lynda Clark, Research Fellow in Narrative and Play at University of Dundee’s collaborative research institute InGAME, for the interactive launch of her debut short story collection Dreaming in Quantum and Other Stories.

Lynda’s work for InGAME focuses on methods of text generation for writers but she is also a writer of speculative fiction. Her book, which will be published by Fairlight Books on 20th May 2021, is a genre-hopping collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror and dark comedy and contains several stories written during Lynda’s PhD in Creative and Critical Writing, including the highly acclaimed “Ghillie’s Mum” (Winner of the 2018 Europe & Canada Commonwealth Prize, shortlisted for the 2019 BBC Short Story Award & 2020 ALCS Tom-Gallon Trust Award) . These stories served as a means of testing themes and characters for her interactive novella, Writers Are Not Strangers, without affecting the interactive elements of the narrative. Given their origins, it seems fitting that the launch of the collection should be interactive too. Held in the virtual world Gather Town on 22nd May, the event will allow attendees to drop in and explore videos and online content at their leisure during the room’s opening hours. If you enjoy speculative fiction, or just want to see what an online book launch that spans multiple timezones might look like, you can sign up to attend (free) here.

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