Meet the Editorial Board: Professor Bart Rienties, The Open University, UK

Dr. Bart Rienties is Professor of Learning Analytics and programme lead of the learning analytics and learning design research programme at the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University UK. As educational psychologist, he conducts multi-disciplinary research on work-based and collaborative learning environments and focuses on the role of social interaction in learning, which is published in leading academic journals and books. His primary research interests are focussed on Learning Analytics, Professional Development, and the role of motivation in learning.


Rienties, B., Hampel, R., Scanlon, E., Whitelock, D. (2022). Open World Learning: Research, Innovation and the Challenges of High-Quality Education. London: Routledge.

Jindal-Snape, D., Rienties, B. (2016). Multi-dimensional transitions of international students to higher education. New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction. EARLI. Routledge.



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