Meet the Editorial Board: Professor Pim Teunissen, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Dr. Pim Teunissen, is a professor of workplace learning at Maastricht University and works as a gynecologist specialized in maternal fetal medicine at Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands. He uses his clinical experience to inform his research and vice versa. In his research, he focuses on how education supports learning from work. He does this by connecting concepts and methodologies from different scientific disciplines to pertinent issues within healthcare education. Transitions are an important part of his research focus. He has published more than 130 scientific articles and book chapters related to workplace learning in healthcare. Through his research he contributes to theory building in the domain of learning from work and how education can support that learning process.


Gordon L, Teunissen PW, Jindal-Snape D, Bates J, Rees CE, Westerman M, Sinha R, van Dijk A. An international study of trainee-trained transitions: Introducing the transition-to-trained-doctor (T3D) model. Medical teacher. 2020;42(6): 679-688.

Atherley A, Dolmans D, Hu W, Hegazi I, Alexander S, Teunissen PW. Beyond the struggles: a scoping review on the transition to undergraduate clinical training. Med Educ. 2019 Jun;53(6):559-570.

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