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Create your module

Welcome to “Create your module” the second of several Learning X series that we’ll be launching during the course of 20-21 support the transition to blended learning. This supplements the earlier “Blend your Module”, and like it, is aimed at anyone involved with teaching – whether you’re a programme lead, convening several modules, or part time tutor teaching just one class.
It also runs alongside the Ultra 101 sessions, designed to help you get to grips with the technology.

The posts will broadly cover the key sections of the module framework

  • Getting the module framework to work for you (sections 1, 2 & 3)
  • Communication and Interaction (section 4)
  • Assessment (section 5)
  • Learning materials and Resources (section 6)
  • Active and Social Learning (section 7)

Aspects such as Accessibility, Legal issues and QA (sections 8 & 9) will be covered throughout.


Welcome to Create your Module

In this series, we’ll extend some of what we have looked at in Blend your Module, and also spend some time examining Dundee’s Exemplary Module Framework, so that you can best present the content to the students....Continue Reading Welcome to Create your Module

2: Communication

Very few of us learn effectively without communicating with others – whether they’re experts, peers or critical friends. To support our students, we’ll be looking at ways of supporting effective communication and Interaction....Continue Reading 2: Communication

3: Assessment

We’ll be looking today at both formative assessment or, as it’s also called, assessment for learning, and summative assessment....Continue Reading 3: Assessment

4: Teaching Materials and Resources

For many staff, a significant part of the preparation for teaching is preparing content - whether that's pre-recorded videos,  resource lists compiled primarily from library material, material staff have created themselves or OER content that's relevant. We'll try to find some pointers to help ease this process, while ensuring the content is engaging....Continue Reading 4: Teaching Materials and Resources

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