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Blend your module

Welcome to “Blend your module” the first of several Learning X series that we’ll be launching over the summer to support the transition to blended learning in 20/21. This is aimed at anyone involved with teaching – whether you’re a programme lead, convening several modules, or part time tutor teaching just one class. 

Over the course of the next 7 days (towards the end of the day) we’ll be releasing a series of posts to help you start thinking about how you can redesign your module to support blended learning. As the posts are published, you’ll see a direct link to them below.

In addition, we’d like to welcome you to two Live sessions, an informal chat about how you’re getting on so far. These will both take part in My Dundee – in the Staff eLearning Resources Organisation – the same Collaborate Room we use for the drop ins. (External people – drop us an email and we’ll send you a guest link)

  • Friday 26th June 2:30 pm LearningX Live – Grab a cup and join us
  • Tuesday 30th June 2:30 pm: LearningX Live Social – Grab a cup (or a glass) and join us

Getting started

Watch the welcome video to this series of Learning X.

Blend your module – an introduction

Find out more about this LearningX - and how it can help you to move to a blended learning approach...

2: The Bigger Picture

Find out more about Constructive Alignment and Universal Design for Learning...

3: What is the ABC model

What is the ABC Model? The ABC curriculum development model is a student-centred approach to curriculum ...

4 Digital Wellbeing and Safety

In this topic, we'll be thinking about how we can ensure that we have a safe studying environment for our students...

5: Acquisition

Acquisition is the process by which students get key information - how can we engage students well with this online?...

6: Discussion

Today, we'll be looking at how we can make the best use of discussions, whether synchronous or asynchronous to engage students. ...

7: Collaboration

Collaborative working is key in almost all degree schemes. This should give you some ideas for how you might get some ideas about moving collaborative activities online. ...

8: Practice

Today’s topic will give you the opportunity to think about learning through Practice, and consider how this learning type could offer students active engagement in the blended and online mode ......

11: Signposting

Signposting is all about making the student’s journey through their module as simple as possible with no barriers or pain points....

12. Socialisation

Learning is a very social process - we'll give you some ideas for including activities to increase social engagement, both for new students, and those that have been here for some time. ...

What next?

Now you're worked your way through the earlier posts, we'll set you on your way to a new, blended module! ...

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