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Design your Content

Welcome to Design your Content. In this Learning X series, we will be taking you through the principles of design in the context of creating content and media for education. Each section will be based on a principle of design, with a focus on accessibility throughout. The basic design principles we are looking at are:

  • Style and Consistency
  • Sequence and Layout
  • Colour and Contrast
  • Fonts and Typefaces

We will be releasing new content daily with examples, questions and activities to engage with. Each day we will focus on one or two of our Content Creation Stepping Stones. You will start with a topic in mind and work on designing or redesigning a piece of content based on this topic as you work through the contents.

The stages of content design and creation by LJ Logue and Eve Laws

Welcome to Design your Content

Introduction Welcome to Design your Content. In this Learning X series, we will be taking you through the ...

1: Getting Started

Determine your Topic To get started you need to determine the topic that you are going to be working with during

2: Style and Consistency

Summary Choosing a style for your content that reflects your topic and is suitable for your audience.Utilising a

4: Colour and Contrast

Summary Using colour consistently to develop your style and enhance your design.Ensuring accessible use of ...

5: Fonts and Typefaces

Summary The importance of fonts – how they help and hinder your content.Fonts and ...

6: Design Principles in Context

Summary Taking a look at some examples of different types of media.Useful resources and software for creating ...

7: Conclusion

Final Steps Steppingstones - Day 7: Final Steps At this point you may have a draft piece of content, a finished

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