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  • Pen, on an open, blank notebook
    Introducing: Module Makeover
    Module makeover will encourage you to think about developing a module checklist to ensure you have all the key information ready to view for your students.
  • Checklist on a blackboard
    Day 1: Module refresh checklist
    The new academic session is almost upon us, modules have been rolled over and Blackboard, aka My Dundee, has gone through an upgrade cycle.
  • Furnishing and decoration mood board with yellow and grey theme. Includes fabric swatches, furniture
    Day 2: Making over your module: Inspiration?
    Building on this week’s Learning X theme of Module Makeover take a moment to think about how you approach giving your home a makeover or doing a spot of decorating. 
  • Day 3: Structuring your module
    While many staff structure different modules in different ways depending on the content, most staff tend to stick to the same model when it comes to the online presence. Today, we'll look at how you might vary them.
  • Head, full of cogwheels and a questionmark
    Day 4: Adding Interactivity 1 (Quizzes)
    Today, we'll look at how you might add quizzes and other options to enable you and your students to check their learning.
  • Figures linked by lines
    Day 5: Adding Interactivity 2 (Communication)
    Today, we'll focus on communication, both between students, and from staff to students.