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  • A robot head, with a hand, possibly human, writing on a clipboard. There's a form on the clipboard labelled "Assessment"
    Introducing: Assessment in an AI World
    Get ready to find out more about the impact AI has had on Assessment
  • A robot writing an essay.
    1: Academic Integrity - can, and should, we detect student use of AI?
    An overview of the current state of AI detection in student work.
  • 2 students working using an exercise book. There are electronic networks behind them.
    2: Could AI do your assessment?
    Introduction We have seen that AI detection is not very reliable, however, we clearly want to ensure that student work is, indeed student work. While students may be using AI to support the creation of their work, it's important to ensure that it's not easy for students to use AI to do all of their…
  • A robot interacting with a series of boxes.
    3: AI to generate tests
    Introduction So far, we have mainly thought about students using AI, however, we'd now like look at ways that staff may wish to use AI. Generating quizzes Gen AI can be directed to create quizzes, and it is a feature that academics have been looking at since early days of ChatGPT. Originally staff were predominantly…