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  • Blend your module - an introduction
    Find out more about this LearningX - and how it can help you to move to a blended learning approach
  • A triangle, with the points labelled Learning Outcomes, Assessment Tasks and Learning Activities. Double headed arrows link them. In the centre, there's a circle labelled Constructive Alignment
    2: The Bigger Picture
    Find out more about Constructive Alignment and Universal Design for Learning
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    3: What is the ABC model
    What is the ABC Model? The ABC curriculum development model is a student-centred approach to curriculum development. It’s a model that’s been adopted internationally and one we’ve used to help design our FutureLearn courses. We’ve now adapted it further to help you create richer learning designs for blended learning modules in 20/21. ABC is based…
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    4 Digital Wellbeing and Safety
    In this topic, we'll be thinking about how we can ensure that we have a safe studying environment for our students
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    5: Acquisition
    Acquisition is the process by which students get key information - how can we engage students well with this online?
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    6: Discussion
    Today, we'll be looking at how we can make the best use of discussions, whether synchronous or asynchronous to engage students.
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    7: Collaboration
    Collaborative working is key in almost all degree schemes. This should give you some ideas for how you might get some ideas about moving collaborative activities online.
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    8: Practice
    Today’s topic will give you the opportunity to think about learning through Practice, and consider how this learning type could offer students active engagement in the blended and online mode ...
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    9: Investigation
    Investigation is a large part of student work – and in the earlier years is often seen as preparation for the final dissertation
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    10: Production
    Introduction Today’s topic will give you the opportunity to think about learning through Production, to help you consider how you could enrich and motivate learners to consolidate what they have learned and how they used it in practice. Learning through Production can have many important benefits for learning. First of all, it encourages creativity, activity…
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    11: Signposting
    Signposting is all about making the student’s journey through their module as simple as possible with no barriers or pain points.
  • 12. Socialisation
    Learning is a very social process - we'll give you some ideas for including activities to increase social engagement, both for new students, and those that have been here for some time.
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    13: What next?
    Now you're worked your way through the earlier posts, we'll set you on your way to a new, blended module!