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  • Ancient footprints of Acahualinca
    Introducing: Learning Footprints
    2 October: Learning Footprints – this series will explore concepts such as digital residents and visitors together with personal learning environments and networks and also discuss privacy and safety in digital learning habitats.
  • A diagram of a personal learning environment
    Day 1: Where do you learn?
    In today's Learning X we look at the concept of personal learning environments (PLEs). For each of us this will look different and include the physical and digital spaces where we learn and the different tools that support our learning whether that paper and pen or digital tools and apps.
  • Image of woman's face with no facial features and to the right a series of concentric circles with different social media icons, digital icons and communication icons
    Day 2: Online identities, digital residents and visitors
    Having looked at our personal learning environments and started to think about the digital spaces and tools that support our learning we're going to move on and consider our interaction with digital spaces and where we might leave traces of our online identities.
  • Day 3: Privacy
    What do you prefer to keep private?
  • an open conker
    Day 4: Open practice
    What do you want to shout about?
  • Day 5: Where do you teach?
    Let's think about all the locations in which we might teach.