Meet the Editorial Board: Dr Deborah Arnold, AUNEGe, French Digital University for Management and Economics, France; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain

Dr Deborah Arnold has over three decades of experience in the field of education and training in Europe, in teaching, management and governance roles. She obtained her PhD from UniversitatOberta de Catalunya in 2022, focusing on Digital Education Leadership in Higher Education.

Deborah currently works as national and international projects coordinator at AUNEGe, the French digital university for economics and management. In this capacity and in previous roles, Deborah has been involved in several projects supporting lifelong learning transitions: eLene2learn which explored the role of learning to learn in the transition from secondary to higher education, eLene4work and eLene4Life which focused on soft skills for improving the employability of higher education students, and ECCOE which supports the recognition of learning through digital (micro-)credentials.

A former Vice-President of EDEN (European Distance and Elearning Network), Deborah is an EDEN Senior Fellow and currently serves as Vice-chair of the EDEN Fellows CouncilBoard. She is also Secretary of the board of the Media and Learning Association, and Vice-President of l’Académie des Possibles, a French association which helps the disadvantaged realise their potential to participate in society as active and informed citizens.

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Affiliation 1: AUNEGe, French Digital University for Management and Economics

Affiliation 2: Edul@b, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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