Meet the Editorial Board: Dr. Benilde García Cabrero, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Dr. Benilde García Cabrero is an Associate Professor of the Department of Educational and Developmental Psychology of the Faculty of Psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Her lines of teaching and research are related to curriculum design and evaluation, professional development, design and evaluation of virtual learning environments, socio-emotional development and Civic and Ethical Education.
She serves on several editorial boards including the International Journal of Educational and Life Transitions, and the Revista Internacional de Educación Emocional y Bienestar (RIEEB: International Journal of Emotional Education and Well-Being) in which she is a member of the scientific committee.

At present she is an advisor for the curricular design of the M. A. in Psychogerontology of the Faculty of Psychology at UNAM, aimed at promoting a creative and successful transition into old age.

Urbina-García, A.., Perry, B., Dockett, S., D. Jindal-Snape & B. García-Cabrero (Eds). Transitions to School: Perspectives and Experiences from Latin America. Springer Nature Switzerland AG.


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