Meet the Editorial Board: Dr Tiina Soini, Tampere University, Finland

Dr Tiina Soini is Research Director in Tampere University, Faculty of Education and Culture and Adjunct Professor in University of Eastern Finland. She is associate editor for The Curriculum Journal. Tiina is one of the leaders of research group Leaning and Development in School, The group’s research focuses on change and development processes in educational institutions and communities, for example in curriculum making, and learning, well-being and agency of students and professionals in comprehensive schools.

Soini, T., Pietarinen, J. & Pyhältö, K. (2021). Learning in school development – shared sense-making and agency in Finnish school reforms. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education: Oxford Encyclopedia of School Reform.

Ulmanen, S., Soini, T., Pietarinen, J., Pyhältö, K. & Rautanen, P. (2021). Primary and Lower Secondary School Students’ Social Support Profiles and Study Wellbeing. The Journal of Early Adolescence, DOI: 10.1177/02724316211058061

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