Week 1: Entering the digital world.

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Welcome to the Digital Scholar.

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You’ve hopefully had a look at the activities for week 1, and have begun to think about your own practice. We’d like to invite you to share your thoughts on the activities this week. There are a number of ways you may want to share, whether  you want to record with a tool you’re already using, try a new tool, or simply share the link to your profile on Open Learn, and comment here.

If you want to start to create your own online space, in the Introduction to Learning X, there are some tips for starting to use blogs, twitter etc., (just go to http://learningspaces.dundee.ac.uk/ctil/category/learning/ and click ‘more’).


4 thoughts on “Week 1: Entering the digital world.

  1. hi Emma,

    I am still confused with how and where to start?
    My account was made late and as I logged in I see multiple sites and links to work on.
    I’m a PGCE student and currently a bit lost whether I should also be commenting on all the blogs week wise or not.
    If yes, then pls guide me which method would comply to my domain; blogging or commenting

    1. Hello Reema
      I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, however, hopefully my answer will make things clear.
      1: This blog post & the later weeks are part of our Learning X – there’s an overview of Learning X at https://learningspaces.dundee.ac.uk/ctil/category/learning/

      2: The idea of this set of posts is that you’ll be working through the ideas in Martin Weller’s Digital Scholar. During it, he’s got a number of boxes where you can record your ideas; he encourages individuals to share their thoughts on a personal blog (we have some pointers to seeing up blogs in the ‘more’ bit of the post linked above).

      3: It’s up to you whether you share your thoughts on your own space, and share the links here, or perhaps you just want to record your thoughts privately, or if you want others to read them, but don’t want to set up a blog, then you can comment on here.

      4: The time scale doesn’t matter – we’d started this series to give us time to get to the end of term by posting one post a week (though I still have to post last week’s); but it’s up to the readers of our blog to work at their own speed; and, you might want to dip in & out; perhaps some weeks are more interesting to you.

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